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I officially have no direction of where I want to goooo. x_x Eff work. Seriously, I'm convinced the work I'm doing can be done by an intermediate staff. I hate referencing... like I'm great at giving others guidance on what they should do. But when it comes to actually doing it? Referencing a million numbers? Tying in numbers that don't really tie? Sigh. :( Eager ambitious juniors are much faster than me at doing that stuff lol. So what's left...finish off this engagement that's supposed to be super straightforward, clean up the last file, clean up and archive the other file from winter. Random engagement, lease audit, THREE WEEK VACATION.

On the other hand, I'm in a Ghibli mood again, after watching Castle in the Sky on the big screen the other week, as TIFF was having a "Spirited Away" movie event. It was really amazing. I never thought I'd see any Ghibli movie on the big screen. Candy told me about the event and asked which ones we're interested in seeing. I have soo many favourites. But for BIG SCREEN EPICNESS, how can you go wrong with Laputa. :D

I still remember reading this review years ago that summarizes it so succinctly: Kick-ass robots with hearts of gold – didn't we tell you this was a great film?

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