M. (mmmsogood) wrote,


Soo...yeah. Now that I'm home, I need to really put full efforts into clearing out my lolita closet.

I figured I'll keep my favourite outfits and accessories, but the rest has to go. It's just a pain figuring out how to sell all the random accessories/socks. Should I put it into lots or something? That'll save me from preparing a dozen little packages too and make the shipping costs more worthwhile.

Maybe I should sell the clothing in order from my least favourites to more loved. =P

And work's started. I've gone from decidedly anti-social to finally (albeit slowly) getting back into the swing of things. Apparently as a senior, you need to be 10x more proactive, and I really want good ratings this year. :| (You have to work your butt off to "meet expecations" and I did okay last year as intermediate staff, but I realize those were pretty low standards back then and I could've done a lot better. >.<)
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