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Started the day off with a FIVE HOUR CASE WHICH I GOT OWNED ON!! :(((((( And it's being professionally marked, so it's gonna be soo bad. >.<

I couldn't figure out the time allocation, and just didn't allocate any time at all.
I just couldn't figure out a solid plan. Actually my "plan" had too many variables in it, so I didn't know how to allocate my time. It was like...

Make a yes or no decision, and give the dollar amount.
Yes or no depends on the costs you calculate.
Costs depends on whether you want to do A or B.
B depends on whether you want to do X or Y.
Y depends on whether you want to do 1 or 2.


Result: Spend way too much time on the quantitative analysis.

Still have a case from last week to mark. (Maybe tonight.)

Okay...sigh. I'm done complaining...

Weekend was fun though. I ended up watching Scott Pilgram vs. the world which was a cheesy but fun and hilarious flick. =) and I went to Playdium for the first time and spent a lot of time with air hockey and played some ddr and other random games. I haven't played DDR in so long and was soo out of breath. The card system's kind of cool though since it basically means unlimited play without worrying about coins. o.O

Also, no trip home is complete without loitering around the plaza near my house, which basically meant the exciting Dollarama trip and grocery stores! And there is going to be a CORA'S opening near my house!!! Woohoo ♥

Anyway, home and debrief time. Hopefully I can be done by dinner and then head to the mall. Need retail therapy.
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