M. (mmmsogood) wrote,

OMG -_-

My (old) car is threatening to break down again.

And I was procrastinating and looking at Mazdas again instead of studying for tomrorow's final. Well...at least there's nothing overly technical. =/

So right now, Ford has these offerings which would apply to the Ford 2010 Focus.

- $3000 delivery allowance
- $1000 'recycle your ride' incentive that includes my 1997 car (which I can't seem to find with any other dealer), meaning an easy way to get rid of my old car =)
- some miscellaneous rebates I think...of around $500
- NO grad rebates, no loyalty program (brother had a Ford a while back)

I like the style of the old Focus more...but $16k pre-tax is tempting.

Despite its high "initial quality" rating (here) by JD Powers, I still have my doubts, cause it's a Ford haha. I'm more concerned about quality down the road in 5 years.

Anyway, heading back to Toronto in a day so I'll go test drive one. And if this guy from Mazda of Toronto gets back to me I may go play around there. Those sun and sound packages sound so tempting, but totally not a wise way to spend money. Mazda has a $2000 cash incentive that's ending soon.

Anyone want to test drive with me? =P

Sigh...and I need to replace my cell phone before I start work in November. It's actually falling apart. I'm actually surprised it's still working because according to my friend, I drop it on a daily basis. It's a tough phone (like my 1st generation iPod nano, which also hit the gym floor on multiple occasions). =) This is my reminder to sell all my lolita clothes when I get home.

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