M. (mmmsogood) wrote,

Class is over forever lol

Two finals down, two more to go.

One in 12 hours, followed by our program "exit lunch". YAY free food, what a good use of tuition money. =D

One on Monday, followed by a celebration lunch organized by my friend to mark our VERY LAST SCHOOL EXAM IN OUR LIVES!

Then I have to work on a final term assignment for one class (how anti-climatic, even once finals are over) and head back to Toronto on Monday night. The term seemed to start incredibly slowly, but once all the training stuff got all up in the air, it seems like time just totally sped up. And before I knew it I had my last class today and didn't even realize this until I started thinking to myself as I was waking up today.

I'm totally sick of waking up at 6am, and 8:30am. I just cannot sleep continuously anymore, I don't know why. :( (Or maybe, to sleep a straight 8 hours, I just need to sleep by 10 pm!)

Anyway, I'm going home to microwave a Michelina's, which I haven't had in months, and then read for another 2 hours. ~_~
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