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I officially have no direction of where I want to goooo. x_x Eff work. Seriously, I'm convinced the work I'm doing can be done by an intermediate staff. I hate referencing... like I'm great at giving others guidance on what they should do. But when it comes to actually doing it? Referencing a million numbers? Tying in numbers that don't really tie? Sigh. :( Eager ambitious juniors are much faster than me at doing that stuff lol. So what's left...finish off this engagement that's supposed to be super straightforward, clean up the last file, clean up and archive the other file from winter. Random engagement, lease audit, THREE WEEK VACATION.

On the other hand, I'm in a Ghibli mood again, after watching Castle in the Sky on the big screen the other week, as TIFF was having a "Spirited Away" movie event. It was really amazing. I never thought I'd see any Ghibli movie on the big screen. Candy told me about the event and asked which ones we're interested in seeing. I have soo many favourites. But for BIG SCREEN EPICNESS, how can you go wrong with Laputa. :D

I still remember reading this review years ago that summarizes it so succinctly: Kick-ass robots with hearts of gold – didn't we tell you this was a great film?
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Yay :) I sold most of the stuff from my last sales post. Of course when I go to post it, I find out CP seems to have risen their shipping rates again. I wish we had a decent shipping system like USPS or Japan Post. Having to pay $70 just to be able to track a package overseas is kind of ridiculous. We're so behind.

Anyway, kind of a mental note on what else I need to get rid can give me a shout if you're interested! (But really, who here is hahaha.)

1) AP lady rose skirt + tote bag (new)
2) BTSSB lavendar paris windows headbow and cell phone charm
3) Metamorphose bxw gingham jumperskirt (fully shirred)
4) Indie brand blouse with detachable sleeves
5) BTSSB pink marie antoinette jumperskirt
6) Metamorphose Room Print square pillows in black and pink

Debating whether to sell because the item is not well-fitting (hmm, just noticed this is all meta lol)

1) Metamorphose georgette one-piece
2) Metamorphose ballerina jumperskirt
3) Metamorphose sweets collection jumperskirt

Stuff I want

1) A "lessons" bag, from IW, Meta, or BTSSB, preferably with large handles or a shoulder strap at least
2) Pieces that are more gothic or classical, or "not to sweet"
3) A lot of the shoes from IW or, if I may be cheap, Bodyline or some other TaoBao brands (except I'm too lazy to look things up on those sites)

I think I'll work on the stuff I want after I get rid of the stuff I won't wear.

Anyway, I started thinking about what happens when people "leave" lolita. Do they just sell their stuff, do they just move on, buy new clothes, and never think about the frills and lace again? I saw a picture of a girl who used to be quite prominent in the EGL community, even with her own indie brand, but then she completely moved on. From her recent picture, she looks like any ordinary girl on the street and I would've never guessed she was into lolita. Is that it? Did lolita leave some kind of lasting impression on her or does it just get packed away like any other old piece of clothing? And another girl, who ran the Princess Portal website, apparently closed down the website and you just don't see her around anymore. I think there was always a bit of drama around that girl, maybe people didn't think she was "realistic" or whatever, but a lot of people though her blog was beautiful.

I guess the love of the fashion is different for everyone. Maybe for some it is more than just clothing, and for others, they move on like it's just like any other phase in their life. I don't know what's the answer for me. I went to Japan, and after two years, found my love of lolita rekindled (although I am leaning towards classic/gothic now, must be the whole age thing), but also my general love of "girly" clothing. It feels like lolita is something too beautiful to abandon like that, and there's a bit of a void after, so, after I've discovered new hobbies throughout the two years I was hiatus from EGL and didn't even read the community posts at all, I find myself back lost in everything that drew me into EGL in the first place.
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Whoever has one and is hooked up on PSN - please add me^^ my username is stardustcross19. I'm really only playing lbp and modnation at the moment.

I had my first coffee in a really long time... I finally gave on because today is the first day back in the downtown office and I was literally falling asleep. Need new jobbbb.

UFE ball is next Saturday and I need a dress! My back up dress is my sparkling black grad ball dress but I don't mind something diff as I've worn that to two grad balls already. :P


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Car shopping journey part 2.

LOLLLL. So my car shopping phase has moved from "day dreaming" to more serious shopping. And I gotta say, it's hiliarious how 90% of the places I've been to actually use those tricks that car buying tip websites tell you about. Some things I noticed...

#1 - Salespeople love trying to make your payments seem little by asking you about your desired "monthly payments" and then making it seem REALLY less by making the payment terms ridiculously long. Yes, that includes you, Longman's Kia in Markham and Sisley Honda in Toronto. -_- Anyway, I don't think anyone should be in debt THAT long over a car. 5 years is long enough already, let alone 6... (My ideal is 3-4 years, if I really do have to finance, but aiming to pay it off sooner.)

I guess someone actually falls for the stuff above though if salespeople continue to use such tactics. But just 'cause your monthly payments are low doesn't mean your OTR price is something crazy...

#2 - Sisley Honda totally over-prices their Civics! This one Civic I was looking at (2008) was priced at $16888, when similar civics (same year, same or higher model, comparable mileage) are being listed at $2k less - and they're also being sold at other Honda dealerships so it's not some shady place somewhere... (on a side note, you can find 2009s at the same price, geez...)

And ughhh, the high pressure sales tactics. Haha. Okay - I admit if I had to buy a car I'd love a white colour, but the sales guy made it seem like if I don't get this one I'll never come across a white HC again. Except I look for cars on a regular basis (have been for the past few months) and they come up - a lot. And most of them I've come across don't have a cracked bumper which the dealer wants YOU to pay $500 for as well. (Even more insulting is that they themselves probably only pay $100-200 to fix it...)

#3 - Random scam fees like "anti theft" fees which are "mandatory" - from my research, this is supposed to be some "etching fee" for the VIN, which costs around $20 to do, but you're charged $500 for. Anyway, I was looking at a USED car, so *if* this is actually mandatory, shouldn't this procedure have been done when the car was initally purchased from Honda? ... sigh. This is just like the time Agincourt Mazda tried to charge me $500 for their hydrogen-filled tires, because regular air hasn't proven itself sufficient in the past couple of decades.

Anyway, my brother was a really big help while I was car shopping. It's too bad a lot of these places like to mess around because I'm actually really in the market for a car. I think the most important things I've learned while car shopping is to not get emotional or attached because the cars I am looking for are not rare or exotic, and be patient, and finally, be willing to walk away (which me and my brother did because we didn't reach an agreeable price - actually, our salesguy wasn't even negotiating with us at all, what a nub). I'm thankful that I am patient and not at a point where I NEED a new (used, or new) car because even if my car did break down, I can still get to where I need to be. =)

I'm now looking at Kijiji's listings, which is a lot better than Autotrader's shitty website. Hopefully, by spring time I'll have a new car! I'd love to continue driving my Golf until it breaks down, but I'd really like something new (so I've been saying for the past half a year).
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Soo...yeah. Now that I'm home, I need to really put full efforts into clearing out my lolita closet.

I figured I'll keep my favourite outfits and accessories, but the rest has to go. It's just a pain figuring out how to sell all the random accessories/socks. Should I put it into lots or something? That'll save me from preparing a dozen little packages too and make the shipping costs more worthwhile.

Maybe I should sell the clothing in order from my least favourites to more loved. =P

And work's started. I've gone from decidedly anti-social to finally (albeit slowly) getting back into the swing of things. Apparently as a senior, you need to be 10x more proactive, and I really want good ratings this year. :| (You have to work your butt off to "meet expecations" and I did okay last year as intermediate staff, but I realize those were pretty low standards back then and I could've done a lot better. >.<)
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Started the day off with a FIVE HOUR CASE WHICH I GOT OWNED ON!! :(((((( And it's being professionally marked, so it's gonna be soo bad. >.<

I couldn't figure out the time allocation, and just didn't allocate any time at all.
I just couldn't figure out a solid plan. Actually my "plan" had too many variables in it, so I didn't know how to allocate my time. It was like...

Make a yes or no decision, and give the dollar amount.
Yes or no depends on the costs you calculate.
Costs depends on whether you want to do A or B.
B depends on whether you want to do X or Y.
Y depends on whether you want to do 1 or 2.


Result: Spend way too much time on the quantitative analysis.

Still have a case from last week to mark. (Maybe tonight.)

Okay...sigh. I'm done complaining...

Weekend was fun though. I ended up watching Scott Pilgram vs. the world which was a cheesy but fun and hilarious flick. =) and I went to Playdium for the first time and spent a lot of time with air hockey and played some ddr and other random games. I haven't played DDR in so long and was soo out of breath. The card system's kind of cool though since it basically means unlimited play without worrying about coins. o.O

Also, no trip home is complete without loitering around the plaza near my house, which basically meant the exciting Dollarama trip and grocery stores! And there is going to be a CORA'S opening near my house!!! Woohoo ♥

Anyway, home and debrief time. Hopefully I can be done by dinner and then head to the mall. Need retail therapy.
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OMG -_-

My (old) car is threatening to break down again.

And I was procrastinating and looking at Mazdas again instead of studying for tomrorow's final. least there's nothing overly technical. =/

So right now, Ford has these offerings which would apply to the Ford 2010 Focus.

- $3000 delivery allowance
- $1000 'recycle your ride' incentive that includes my 1997 car (which I can't seem to find with any other dealer), meaning an easy way to get rid of my old car =)
- some miscellaneous rebates I think...of around $500
- NO grad rebates, no loyalty program (brother had a Ford a while back)

I like the style of the old Focus more...but $16k pre-tax is tempting.

Despite its high "initial quality" rating (here) by JD Powers, I still have my doubts, cause it's a Ford haha. I'm more concerned about quality down the road in 5 years.

Anyway, heading back to Toronto in a day so I'll go test drive one. And if this guy from Mazda of Toronto gets back to me I may go play around there. Those sun and sound packages sound so tempting, but totally not a wise way to spend money. Mazda has a $2000 cash incentive that's ending soon.

Anyone want to test drive with me? =P

Sigh...and I need to replace my cell phone before I start work in November. It's actually falling apart. I'm actually surprised it's still working because according to my friend, I drop it on a daily basis. It's a tough phone (like my 1st generation iPod nano, which also hit the gym floor on multiple occasions). =) This is my reminder to sell all my lolita clothes when I get home.
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Class is over forever lol

Two finals down, two more to go.

One in 12 hours, followed by our program "exit lunch". YAY free food, what a good use of tuition money. =D

One on Monday, followed by a celebration lunch organized by my friend to mark our VERY LAST SCHOOL EXAM IN OUR LIVES!

Then I have to work on a final term assignment for one class (how anti-climatic, even once finals are over) and head back to Toronto on Monday night. The term seemed to start incredibly slowly, but once all the training stuff got all up in the air, it seems like time just totally sped up. And before I knew it I had my last class today and didn't even realize this until I started thinking to myself as I was waking up today.

I'm totally sick of waking up at 6am, and 8:30am. I just cannot sleep continuously anymore, I don't know why. :( (Or maybe, to sleep a straight 8 hours, I just need to sleep by 10 pm!)

Anyway, I'm going home to microwave a Michelina's, which I haven't had in months, and then read for another 2 hours. ~_~